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Time management in entrance examinations

time management in exams

Time to solve the questiosn in an entrance examination is limited, effective time management is key to success. we spend months cramming the grammer rules, vocabulary list, maths concepts, sentence corrections etc, however all that would be a waste if speed and accuracy is not maintained while appearing in the examinations be in CAT, XAT, MAT, BANK PO, IAS, Railways are any other exam for that matter.

When we are short of time in exam we only have 2 options to go about unanswered questions, either to leave it blank or go for wild guessing. Both the options are not good as most of the exams have negative scoring for wrong answers and chances for success in wild guess is remote.Effective time management in examination is crucial for using one knowledge in verbal and quantitative. So there are 2 obvious question in the mind of student appeearing for exams.

Why the time management is required?

How do we effectively manage time while appearing for enterance exam?

Time management gives a physcological advantage  [DAP errMsgTemplate=”LONG”] to a test taker. He or she is confident to apply the maximum learning and can get the best yeild of the preperation. Time management boosts confidence, helps to maintain focus and directs the energies to right channels.

How do we effectively manage time before and while in exam?

The key to effiective time management lies in only 3 most important things: Practice, Practice, Practice

However difference is in how you practice: While practicing build 3 most important attributes that is very useful in competitive exams:

1. Time awareness : Keep yourself on positive time, i.e. don’t waste time in solving problems that take time. Use method of averages if the time taken to solve the problem is more than average skip and move ahead. . While practing old question papers get deduce an average time required to solve problem for ex. in a section there are 60 questions to be solved in 30 min you can’t afford to spend more than half a minute in each question skip the question if it takes more than average time and come back again.

2. Accuracy : Remember to mark correct answers, Get some basic concepts right, like learn tables up to 30, formulaes and tricks, Vocab. These will not only save time but also increase your score very fast. We discuss this in details latter on.

3. Build on Strength : While practicing pay attention to subjects that you are weak or don’t like. Try to solve the problems where your strength lies first and move to other questions latter on. This also some time called as elimination strategy. [/DAP]

I am very sure these time tested exam strategy will help to increase your performance at the time when it matters most.

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