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Tips for solving English analogy type questions

Solving English Analogy questions made easy with the following tricks?

In these types of questions you are required to find out the relationship between two words in the question and choose the answer with the similar relationship. The emphasis is rather more on the relationship than the isolated word which is very precise . Analogy comes in various patterns , you need to precisely choose the exact pattern as an answer

These tips will help you solving analogy type questions

  1. Make a relationship between the words in a simple sentence as the words in answer will also share the similar analogy.e.g. Tile: Mosaic :: a) .hoop : embroidery b) knot : macramé c) whalebone : scrimshaw d) wick : candleAnswer is b.

    Explanation : Tiles are the pieces that make up a mosaic similarly knots in a macramé makes a pattern .

  2. Narrow your approach when two choices appear to be correct.e.g. Philatelist : stamps :: a) numismatist : coins b) gene cist : chromosomes c) astrologer : prediction d) cartographer : mapsAnswer is a), as from the definition one who collects stamp is philatelist and so is the person who collects coin is numismatist. While a cartographer is one who make maps. Gene cist studies chromosome and astrologers makes predictions. So the correct choice is a) where the person share the same work of collecting something.   [DAP errMsgTemplate=”LONG”]
  3. Often you need to elaborate the meaning / definition in order to find the correct analogy.e.g. Amorphousness: Definition :: a) lassitude : energy b)precision: uniformity c) angularity : intricately d) rectitude :drabness .Going by their primary definition, it’s difficult to form an analogy between Amorphousness and Definition. Amorphousness means lack of any form/ shape while Definition is a statement of meaning of a word / phrase. But when we elaborate the word Definition is a process through which we define the essential characteristics to make features more clearly or in another words; it says sharp demarcation of an outlines / limits. Now it makes a sensible analogy between the two words as lack of definition is formlessness. Likewise, lack of energy is lassitude.
  4. Beware of eye catchers or too direct analogues as they are the traps often laid by the examiner.E.g. Embroider: Cloth :: a) patch : quilt b) chase : metal c) carve : knife d) gild : gold e) stain : glass .Look at once and the answer appears to be a) as both has something to do with sewing which is a trap. One embroider a cloth to decorate it with needle / thread work . All the options other than b) has something to do with decoration but none fits precisely while choice b) appears to be excluded straight forward . But when we give a second thought, what chasing has to do with metal as if chasing a thief. Choice b) seems strangely out of the place which is the real answer. Chase means to decorate metal surface with hammer. [/DAP]

    Common analogy variants .Yet to come in my next post .

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