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Vocabulary Builder- Letter A

Build Vocabulary with letter A

Do you Know What the English word Admonish means?  Yes !!!

Why don’t test your wits in this English Multiple choice quiz. There are other 26 similar English words starting with letter A and help you to test your knowledge of English Vocabulary. You can also use this English exercise to practice and prepare of competitive examinations like GRE, TOEFL, ESL, IELTS or CAT

If you get over 75 % in this English multiple choice quiz, you can declare yourself as English Viking.


Mention your name in the comment section. NO CHEATING PLEASE. I can check the records. To take the quiz go to the

[swfobj src=”http://www.readin.net/do-you-know/wp-content/uploads/Build-Vocabulary-A1.swf” alt=”Build Vocabulary Multiple choice Quiz letter A” width=”800″ height=”600″ align=”center”]

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