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Vocabulary Builder- Letter D

Build Vocabulary with letter C

Vocabulary Builder Letter C

Do you Know

Now you have the English Vocabulary builder with multiple choice option for word sets starting with letter D. This English Test and exercise quiz has 26 words starting from letter D. The Multiple Choice quiz is timed for 5 minutes and there is only one correct answer or Synonyms

I hope you are enjoying the MCQ. Do build vocabulary, test your wits with MCQs for words starting with D and notify if you find any wrong English words.

Mention your name in the comment section if you secure more than 75 % and be a VIKING. It is going to be tough. All the words are carefully selected.

You can review the Multiple choice questions after submission and can take this quiz as many times.

The quiz has 26 words starting from letter D. The quiz is timed for 5 minutes, As I said if you secure over 75 % you are a viking.

NO CHEATING PLEASE. I can check the records. Here you go. [ad#Textads-BetPost] [swfobj src=”http://www.readin.net/do-you-know/wp-content/uploads/Build-Vocabulary-D1.swf” alt=”This page has the Multiple choice question to build vocabulary builder with letter D” width=”800″ height=”600″]
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