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When to Capitalise letter in a sentence

English GrammarIn the English Grammar there are some rules when a letter in the words can be capitalised. I have included most of the rule when to capitalise and NOT to capitalise the letter in a word while forming a sentence. The rules goes as follows:

Do Capitalise when

  1. As we all know first letter of the sentence is always capital
  2. The first letter in the names of proper nown. This can include the name of living beings, places or things.
  3. The first letter of names of calendar Days, Months and Holidays Ex. Happy Valentine Day
  4. First letter of Geographical location for  ( Ram went towards West)  [ Mind you it is not direction, they always set in small, like east, west, north or south]
  5. The first letters in all words of a Name ( Raghu Sahay or  Latit Chand Modi)
  6. The pronown I
  7. The first letter of a sentence starting in Quotes  – Only if it is a complete sentence – Gandhiji said “Honesty is the best policy”.
  8. All the letters of Acronym – PTA ( Parents Teachers Assosiation)
  9. First letter of a Brand Name –  Cadbury
  10. The first letter of any natural thing – Rivers, Ocean, Mountains – Mt. Everest, Ganga, Yamuna
  11. The first letter of human relationship words  – Dad, Mom, Grandfather, Uncle, Father, Mother
  12. The first letter of a tittle of a Man, Woman, things or Literature ( Like Tittle of Books or Magaznine, Titanic, Dr. , Mr. etc.)
  13. The first letter of any organisation all words (School, College or a Company)  for eg. ( Reliance, Oxford University)
  14. The name of streets and building for all words eg. Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi Road
  15. The first word of each item in table of contents ( for eg. Introduction, Chapter 1 etc

Do not Capitalise when

  1.  Name of academic course – course on trignometry
  2. Name of seasons like summer, winter etc
  3. Geographical directions in a sentence unless it is very specific or a part of proper nown
  4. First letters of Academic degree – like bachelors of science, bachelors of arts etc
  5. Specific dates of month like eighth day of January
  6. Preposition, conjunctions and articles in the tittles of books or Literature items – ( Nagas of Meluha )
  7. First word in the part of quoted sentence if it is NOT a complete sentence

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